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Former Australian PM Bob Hawke was a U.S. Informant and Stooge

[CounterPunch] “In June, a rather unremarkable revelation was made that [Australia’s longest serving Labor Prime Minister, Bob Hawke,] had been…

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Hypocrisy: in 2017, Kamala Harris said “everyone is welcome”, now she tells migrants “do not come to US”

[Twitter, BBC] “US Vice President Kamala Harris has urged would-be migrants in Guatemala not to try to enter the United…

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Belarus flight diversion hypocrisy: In 2016 Ukraine diverted a Belarusian plane to detain Armenian journalist critical of Maidan

[FlightGlobal] “Ryanair’s incident involving the apparent forced diversion of a Boeing 737-800 to Minsk strongly parallels an event five years…

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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram censor story on BLM co-founder buying luxury homes

[The Federalist, Daily Mail] “Facebook and Instagram are censoring a New York Post report detailing how Black Lives Matter Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors…

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Marxist BLM leader Khan-Cullors bought 4 luxury homes, latest one in mostly white LA neighborhood

[New York Post] “Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the leader of Black Lives Matter and a self-described Marxist, recently purchased a $1.4 million…

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Hypocrisy: White House fired staff for past marijuana use although VP Harris also smoked, spokesperson Psaki won’t say why

[New York Post] “WASHINGTON — White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday declined to say why the White House…

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“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” – biggest US farmland owner Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset

[El American] “According to an interesting article in Libre Mercado, “the founder of Microsoft and fourth richest person in the world,…

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“Drain The Swamp”? – Trump Revokes Ethics Rules On His Way Out

[NPR] “In one of his final acts in office, in the wee hours of the night, President Trump revoked Executive Order…

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No Hypocrite: Russian dissident Alexei Navalny calls Twitter ban of Trump ‘unacceptable act of censorship’

[New York Post] “Navalny, a ferocious Kremlin critic, only narrowly survived after he was poisoned in August with the nerve…

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After pardoning Flynn, Tulsi Gabbard urges Trump to pardon Snowden and Assange

[Newsweek] “Representative Tulsi Gabbard has called on President Donald Trump to pardon National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before he’s set to…

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NYT: first shot was fired behind back of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse before he fired

[The New York Times] “The New York Times’s Visual Investigations unit analyzed hours of footage to track Mr. Rittenhouse’s movements in…

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Susan Rice and Robert O’Brien blame ‘foreign actors’, Russia, China and Iran, for stirring George Floyd protests

[National Review] “Former Obama adviser Susan Rice has blamed the violent protests that rocked major American cities over the weekend…

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Iraqi PM says Trump asked him to mediate with Iran then assassinated his guest, emissary Qasem Soleimani

[Liberation News] “The acting Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi […] revealed that Soleimani had traveled to Baghdad to deliver a…

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Human Rights Watch’s support for a U.S.-backed right-wing coup in Bolivia

[MintPress News] “Bolivia is currently in turmoil after President Evo Morales was deposed in a U.S.-supported coup d’état on November 10….

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The Federalist admits gerrymandering, cronyism and undemocratic illiberalism in Hungary, claims Left’s hypocrisy creates leaders like Orbán

[The Federalist] “If you get your news from the mainstream media, you might think that Hungary just suffered a fascist coup….

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Days after Jo Cox murder, media wrote ‘Kill Jeremy Corbyn’ – and a suspect of another terror attack wanted to kill him

[The Guardian] “The Mail on Sunday once ran an article by sometime Labour member Dan Hodges under the headline “Labour MUST kill…

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Keir Starmer supported sanctions against Israel in 2015

[Ham & High] “A campaign encouraging voters to lend their support in the general election to those parliamentary candidates who…