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U.S. organizations fund opposition in Kazakhstan to help spark Color Revolution against pro-Russia and pro-China regime

[CovertAction Magazine] “On January 2nd, protests erupted in the city of Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan that have since spread across…

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Regime Change and NGOs: the Colour Revolutions and the Arab Spring

[openDemocracy] “The Arab revolt of 2010-11 has spread with intense speed and magnitude. A protest that began in the provincial…

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Otpor! and the April 6 Movement: NGOs role in the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt

[BalkanInsight] “When I was following some tweets on Egypt, I was struck when I came across the symbol of Otpor….

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How the US supported Serbian regime-change NGO Otpor to oust Milosevic in Yugoslavia

[The Washington Post] The message of American pollster Doug Schoen, “delivered to leaders of Serbia’s traditionally fractious opposition, was simple…